a shitty workshop

As a nature lover, tree mushroom expert und forest trainer, I spend a lot of time in the forest. Sometimes I´m upset that people who shit in the woods do not know how to do it the best they can. When I do workshops on big events and scour the forest for mushrooms, I sometimes give up because I see only wet baby wipes on shit instead of mushrooms. For me, an apparent love of nature and baby wipes on shit do not fit together.


In my education as enviromental technician, we learned a lot of compost and the use of shit.


  • Did you ever think of the amount of drinking water used for wash down your shit?
  • Did you know that your shit is valuable fertilizer?
  • Do you know that wet wipes do not rot for decades?
  • Have you thought about, that mushrooms take in everything around them?
  • Do you know how to shit, if there is no other possibility, without leaving a trace?

If not, this is the right workshop for you, your friends, your festival! Let´s talk about shit and how to save ressources and the forest!


This workshop can be flexible designed for schools, individuals, companies, festivals and other interested parties.

Do not hesitate contacting me!

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