Blog · 11. Mai 2021
Albania - you hidden pearl on the European continent Here I am now, on the terrace of the stone house in Kukel, a small town in the north-west of Albania, and write as I always wanted to write. The desire was always to sit on a terrace and look at the sea. Now I am looking into a beautiful tree garden. The ash trees bloom all around, as well as the roses, the clover, the lady’s herb, the mallow and the herbs, which grow in a rich variety in the garden of the stone house, are so diverse that...
Blog · 07. Mai 2021
Simple Life Experiment Albanien
6 Wochen Albanien haben Spuren hinterlassen. Welche? Nicht nur die Spuren im Sand, die auf die Meeresschildkröten hinweisen, auch Spuren im Herzen, dass ich dieses Land noch ganz oft besuchen will.