Back to the roots

22nd years ago, I was the first time in Romania and came back 6 years ago. I am inspired from the wild forest, the diversity of the mushrooms, the trees, the way people can survive in this wild area with no electricity except solar panels, if you can afford, the fantastic taste of the milk, the peace and quietness and the simple way of living.


Don´t we go in a wrong direction with too much of consumption?


It's good to get away from the hustle and bustle and dive into a world that makes me one with nature again. The soul breathes again, surrounded only by nature sounds and time becomes irrelevant. The focus is on the true things in life. As a result, the body, mind and soul can recharge their batteries and regain their balance.


To give this insight to other people as well, I invite you to spend a week with me in Cheia to enjoy a simple existence.


Cheia, which consists of only a few residents, is located in a gorge, surrounded by beautiful beech forests, clear streams and more animals than people. 


As the infrastructure of the river and the canal has not yet penetrated up to this point, this results in a lifestyle that we hardly ever manage to live here in the industrialized countries. Sustainability, environmental protection, natural lifestyle, self-sufficiency are not a theory there, but have been practiced for millennia and I have long drunk a milk that tastes of herbs. The nearest supermarket is far away and difficult to reach on the gravel roads, so there is no need to buy organic products. Organic is local and regional. Just as we should all live.


As a forest pedagogue and environmental technician, herb, tree and mushroom lover and trainer, it is particularly exciting for me because I have rarely seen such biodiversity in one country.

If you feel like spending a week in the wilderness of Romania, exploring the mushrooms (including truffles), the wild herbs, the trees, and above all yourself, then I invite you to a very special workshop !


Relax with me in beautiful surroundings, internalize the importance of mindfulness, nature connection and focus. Notice the relaxation of the body with less "having" and more "being" and come closer to yourself again. Learn from the heart and less from the mind to act and take home many helpful tools!

The following trainings allow me to operate safely in this area:

  • tourist education
  • professional coach
  • trauma competence
  • forest pedagogy (trees and wild plants)
  • mykotherapy (knowledge of vital mushrooms)
  • Crisis Intervention Team Styria/Austria
  • conflict and stress managment
  • and much more....

This workshop will be held in cooperation with local friends who know the area like the back of their hand and thus guarantee a safe and exceptional stay!

The workshop is limited to eight participants to ensure the best possible success. What should be the result? To bring you back into harmony with yourself, to recover and to find or strengthen your vision of life, to get to know the environment with its plant and mushroom world and to internalize the careful handling of nature.


Our meeting point and the beginn of the workshop will be in  Aiud.


You can reach this city via car, train, plane to Cluj-Naboca or Sibiu.


Prerequisites for participation in the workshop:

  • surefootedness
  • Safety and enjoyment when dealing with dogs and other free-roaming animals
  • physical fitness to cope with leisurely hikes up to five hours
  • for people who like to camp and with simple infrastructure (Plumpsklo and easy shower and bath facilities) can get along
  • Interest in the animal, plant and mushroom world
  • Interest in nature connection
  • Interest in personal development


Location: Apuseni Gebirge

Time:  21. bis 28. August 2021

costs for the workshop € 390,-*

(* not included in the price are the costs for the overnight stay and the meals.) Both can be booked on the spot for a very reasonable price. (approx. € 25, - / day) The journey can be made individually by self-drive by car, by bus , the train or the plane. (For more information please use the contactform ;-))

overview forest week Romania
This paper shows a rough overview of the the forest-week content. It is particularly important to me to respond to the expectations and wishes of the participants;-)
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Voucher for a wild week in Romania

This voucher stands for the back to the roots workshop in Romania in the Apuseni Mountains. (Accomodation, food and travel to Aiud not included.)

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