The forestpod is a podcast about the forest, nature, primitive-living, mushrooms, woodcraft and other things belonging to the forest. Improve your forest-wisdom and join me on journey to a simple life. I have sold my house for more freedom and for less responsibility, trying to live a simple life. Therefore lots of workshops and courses will take place this year in Austria and Romania. Wanna Join? The forestpod is on many plattforms, so you can follow me virtual or real, as you like;-)

It always nice, if people share a good idea and donate for it. Here is the chance to do so!

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Raggatek Love Jack Hat

This hat is a party hat for lovely people who want to spread love all over the world. Handmade with lots of love and positive energy, the hat will get you love, where and when ever you wear it. The Raggatek Love Jack Hat is unique, handmade and with its purchase you donate for the forestpod. The podcast about the forest, nature and wild living. Have good fun with this unique hat. Lots of love! Manu

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