The forestpod is going on a Europe Forest Trip. Wanna join?


The forestpod is a podcast about the forest, nature, primitive-living, mushrooms, woodcraft and other things belonging to the forest. Improve your forest-wisdom and join me on my trip through the open borders of Europe;-)

It always nice, if people share a good idea and donate for it. Here is the chance to do so!


Donate for the forestpod (technical stuff, wintertent with tentoven, journeys to forests....) under

Forestpod - tree garden tent

On my Europe Forest Trip I got the idea, that in Covid Crises its a perfect idea, to invite people in my garden to make the interviews and podcasts here in my garden. Feel invited, if you want to live with the motto: "less is more" and feel welcomed! Wheater if with the van, or with the backpack, you will have a cozy place.


The tent is a perfect training facility for more outside experience. In case of bad wheater, you can always use my big couch for sleeping there, warm and cozy next to the tiled stove;-) Getting used to stay outside, you made level one and maybe one day, you follow me in the wild Apuseni Mountains in Romania for further wilderness experience or you book a course on udemy or tabletwise;-)


Same background here: Connecting people for a better understanding of the nature, the enviroment and particularly the forest!


Book the tree garden tent under this link over airbnb!