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Simple Life

Do you feel balanced? Are you happy? Have you reached your visions? Do you eat healthy? Are you authentic? What brings joy in your life? Where are your relaxing areas? Are you self-determined? How do you feel? Can you imagine a life with less stuff and more quality of living?


The Simple Life - online workshop deals with different aspects of a good life. Are you interested, then follow me over this link on a very special and exciting journey!

Rooted in crises

new course in English! Rooted in crises for more stability in crises situations!

Kurse in deutscher Sprache


Vitalpilze als Wunderwuzis

Vitalpilze zur Stärkung des Immunsystems


Grundkurs zum Thema Krisenfest und Selbstbestimmt im Alltag

Stabilität durch Waldauszeiten


Grundkurs zur Umweltbildung

Wie schütze ich den Wald?